Dear Business Friends,

Even in the sometimes hectic bustle of daily business, we should occasionally take the time to reassess our own position. The constant, rapid development of synthetic materials and changing demands have to combined with the experience gained over many years. With this website we hope to bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern high-tech products. In future, we will continue to make sure the best possible products are available at any time.

We tie up ships

Today, ropes still moor ships to shore as they have done for thousands of years. We provide ropes to meet the needs of modern shipping - because ropes guarantee an optimum ratio of elasticity and stability. Natural fibres prevent static electricity being produced around hazardous goods; synthetic fibres with their specific properties make ropes resistant to oils, caustic solutions and acids. Laboratory tests, continual further training of our staff and, ultimately, our experience all go towards ensuring our ropes have the necessary features to provide many years of service.

Tradition for tomorrow

When Carl Kohl founded an importing business for natural fibres in 1868, two factors were important in defining the quality of yarns and ropes: The skill of ropemaking and the raw materials - hemp, flax, manila, sisal and jute. Decades later, this traditional craft has shifted, the industrial production changed the demand on our products. Natural fibres were traded as semi-finished and finished products. Synthetic fibres offer incredible potentials. CARL KOHL is always up to date and so we progressed from a trading house into a service oriented organisation able to provide technical advice to their long standing business partners.

Everything meets here

The world-wide contacts we have been upholding for generations are not solely for the purpose of trading. Equally important to us is the interchange of information on new technical developments and on initial experience with innovative products. This forms our basis for providing optimum advice for our customers. High speed deliveries are made possible by our central high-bay warehouse in Hamburg. Your orders leave here within twenty-four hours - composed of exactly the products to meet your requirements.

You can play with us, too

During all stages of manufacture, our yarns and cords are subjected to strict quality control procedure involving mechanical and chemical testing. Our business partners are guaranteed a high degree of reliability as we observe international standards and take great care to ensure the right product is chosen for the application in mind. This applies to all our products made of natural fibres and also to those made of synthetic material.

The time-saver

One sentence you will never hear at CARL KOHL is »We'll have to order it for you ...«. After all, we have one of the largest high-bay warehouses in Europe. It has space for lots of products including unusual yarns and ropes. That is why we do not have to order them when you need them - less waiting time for you, as everything is planned in advanced. Our high-bay warehouse constitues the heart of a sophisticated logistic system, which begins when you submit your order by phone or in writing and it ends only when the goods have been delivered to you. The savings made by our computer-aided high-bay warehouse can be seen with one glance at the clock: you save time.